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Assessment of Lithuanian Free Market Institute: Druskininkai – among best Lithuanian municipalities


The municipal index, presented by the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, notes that the Druskininkai Municipality's maximum 100-point assessment came in the areas of “Education” and “Transport”, high-valued and other areas - “The Municipal Utilities services”, “Administration”, “Health and Social Affairs”, “Investment and Development”, “The Budget”

The high assessment of Druskininkai Municipality was due to the fact that the private sector (passenger transport, heat production, waste collection) was operating in the areas of "Transport" and the "Municipality utilities services" in 2017. The price of heating in Druskininkai fell from 5.97 ct to 5.56 ct/kWh and was below the average price (6.33 ct/kWh).

The score of the “education” area was determined by the highest results of pupils in Lithuania in state mature examinations and efficient management of school infrastructure.

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First-time municipal welfare index: Druskininkai municipality - among leaders



The Vilnius Institute of Policy Analysis has for the first time concluded and published a municipal welfare index that reveals in which municipalities of the country is best to live. As shown by the survey, the municipality of Druskininkai is one of the leading country's municipalities.

The municipal welfare index is based on statistics of 2017. The study assessed 5 separate indicators: social security (integration into the labour market, equal opportunities and coverage of social assistance), physical security (road safety, accessibility of medical assistance, disease statistics, environmental indicators), a viable economy (competitiveness indicators, investment attractiveness, average salary, number of enterprises), quality education (accessibility of education, indicators of non-formal children education, results of mature examinations), demography (old age factor, net migration indicators).

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